Accounting for tradies and small businesses

Running a business doesn't leave you with much time (or desire) to think about tax.

Let us make it simple for you

If BAS is a regular thorn in your side and you have a disorganised mountain of receipts which you wish would magically turn into tax returns, then you've come to the right place. Let's be honest... we understand that you didn't create a small business on the Sunshine Coast to deal with tax... boring! It is probably the least interesting task on your list of chores and it never makes it anywhere the top of your list to actually do right? If this is you, then you're going to love Oh Yeah Accounting! 

Drop off your box of receipts & run!

We're serious... next time you're driving down Aerodrome Road in Maroochydore, stop by and drop off your pile of tax receipts (what ever state they are in). Tradies... empty that glovebox full of receipts onto our desk. We'll organise them, log them and claim them on your next BAS (yes... we do the BAS for you). Oh Yeah!

Never do your own BAS Again

All you need to do is check and confirm the BAS statement before it gets lodged (you don't even have to come in to do it). We do everything else for you. Oh Yeah!



If this looks familiar,
 let us take the stress
out of your tax!

Annual Tax is simple once we've already done your BAS

We'll have already logged all of your expenses & profits during the process of creating your quarterly BAS Statements, so when it comes to end of financial year, the process is sooooo smooth. Oh Yeah! 

Affordable Monthly Fee Available (no surprises)!

Forget trying to guess how much your accountant might charge you. At Oh Yeah Accounting, Sunshine Coast small businesses and tradies have the option to pay a convenient and affordable fixed monthly fee. Now you know exactly how much to budget, so you can get back to working on what you're good at and making money. Oh Yeah! How much easier can it be? 

Easy Online Systems where you can see your status at any time

We set you up in an online accounting package called Xero (this is all covered in the monthly fee option), where you can log in at any time and see everything that we've set up for you (e.g. your expenses, profits, BAS Statements etc). Everything is transparent... you can see all of your tax at any time, but you don't have to do any of it yourself. Oh Yeah!

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Accounting just for tradies

If you're a Sunshine Coast Tradie, you're going to love Oh Yeah Accounting, because we understand you and we make your tax simple. We know a lot of Sunshine Coast tradies and before they met us, most of them would rather poke themselves in the eye with a stick than do tax. Turns out all they needed was somebody who respected the fact that a glovebox full of neglected receipts just means you're busy running your business on the tools. Oh Yeah Accounting take your glovebox of receipts and then take care of all of your BAS and annual tax requirements. It really is that simple. Just drive by our Maroochydore / Sunshine Coast office and drop them off (e'll call you if we have any questions). Then you just check your BAS / Tax statements before we lodge them. Oh Yeah!

Oh Yeah Accounting are a team of straight shooting, easy to talk to people who love to take the headaches out of tax for Sunshine Coast tradies. So if you're a great tradie who hates tax, give us a call or send an enquiry (form above) and we'll call you to clarify how easily we can do your tax for you while you make money on your tools. Oh Yeah!